Material base

The teaching staff of the department is constantly working on the quality of the training by adapting to the needs and requirements of the market. The specialties "Finance" and "Accounting and Audit" are fully provided with the educational and methodological complexes for the disciplines. The content of the disciplines corresponds to the standard curricula. In all disciplines, the methodical guidelines on the organization and conduction of the practical classes, SIS, SIST have been developed.


Leading scientists and teachers of the department are authors and co-authors of textbooks and teaching aids from which financiers and accountants are trained throughout the country. The doctor of economic sciences, prof. Tinasilov M.D., Doctor of Economic Sciences Makysh S.B., Zholamanova M.T., Baytanaeva B.A., Shaikhutdinova A.K., Barysheva S.K., Karibzhanov O.M., Ablenov D.O., Asilova A.S., Sakibaeva K.., Smailova B.K., Bektemirova N.T., Imankulova B.B., Abenova M.H., Dzhusupova B.T. are authors of the teaching aids and the SMCD.


In 2013, according to the state examination results, the students of the specialty "Finance" Mikova T., Faizulina A., Akhmedzhanova S. received the certificates of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstanfor high results.


In 2014, according to the state examination results, the students of the specialty "Finance" (Amankosova D., Daulet A., Balatueva R.) and 1 student from  the specialty "Accounting and Audit" (Ergali A.) received certificates from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


In 2014-2015, according to the results of the submission of the State Examination Committee and the State Control Committee for the specialty "Finance", 14 students received honors diplomas (Zhaksylykova A., Medelgazieva A., Tajihodzhaeva J., Telibaeva A., Hamit A., Sharapitova A.S. ., Kalymbet AR, Kenesbaeva T.Zh., Balatueva R., Sarieva MA, Ponomareva E., Tungushbay D., Erembetova D., Siseev S.) and four students from the specialty "Accounting and audit"  received diplomas with  honors (Alkoza TB, Zhetkergenova A., Isagulova N., Buslaeva A.).


From 2013 to 2015 academic years, 12 students received scholarships from the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Aldiyarova S., Zhuzbaeva A., Kalashnikova T., Omarov A., Tajihodzhaeva J., Medelgazieva A., Kalymbet A., Zhaksylykova A., Telibaeva A. , Bidaybek M., Ereimbetova D., Lee V.)


The 2nd year student of the speciality "Accounting and Audit" Oksana Saychuk is a member of the Water Polo team of Kazakhstan. At the XVII Summer Asian Games in 2014 in South Korea, the Kazakhstan team took the III place.


In the 2015-2016 academic year, the 2nd year student A. Baygabylova, the 1st year undergraduate Aytkulova G. and the 2nd year Master student Zhunusova G.Zh. from the specialty "Finance" were trained in the Graduate School of Management in Barselona on the basis of the Agreement between the Institute of Economics and Finance of the KazNIIT named after K.I. Satpayev and the Graduate School of Management in Barselona.


Contracts for the professional internships of the students were signed with IRBIS Information Agency of Financial Markets LLP, Marsat LLP, Ramstor Kazakhstan, Nurbank LLP and others. Agreemenst for the academic internships were signed with LLC Scientific- Production Center UralGeoStandard "(RF), LLP" Kazakh-Chinese Drilling Company "Great Wall" and others.


Upgrading the qualification of the teaching staff is carried out according to the annual plan of advanced training in the leading higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign educational programs and seminars: NEU after T. Ryskulov, KazNU after Al-Farabi, Academy of Imageology, Astana, Central House of Accountants of Almaty, Almaty Branch of the Moscow Military Academy of East Asia, Eastem Mediterranean University.