Research work

Since 2015, the Department has been engaged in research on the topic "Financing Innovative Entrepreneurship in Central Asian Countries (on the Example of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan)" (supervisor: Doctor of Economics, Professor MD Tinasilov). Based on the results of the initiative research, the lecturers of the department deliver reports at the international, republican scientific and practical conferences. The students and undergraduates are also involved in research.


At the department there are two student clubs:

- "Young Auditor"

- "The Young Financier"


The successful activities of the student clubs are reflected in the following events:

The students of the specialty "Accounting and Audit" took the 3rd place in the 5th Republican subject Olympiad in KazEU named after T.Ryskulov (March 2013).

The students of the specialty "Finance" took the 3rd place in the VI Republican subject Olympiad in KazEU named after T.Ryskulov (March 2014).

A third-year student of the specialty "Finance" Bidaybek Marzhan under the direction of Dzhakupova S.T. wrote the scientific project "Development of a financial strategy to ensure the competitiveness of an insurance organization"and  took the 3rd place in the Republican competition of research works of students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan (NIRS-2015), organized at the T. Ryskulov NEU. (27.03.2015).

The Students of the department actively participate in the projects "Exchange simulator", "Battle of the banks" and regularly are placed at 5-7 places among 30 universities in Kazakhstan.

In Astana, the Republican tour of the ХХIХ International Olympiad on Programming and Using Accounting and Analytical Problems on the 1С: Enterprise 8 Platform was held, abd the 2nd place was taken by the fourth-year student of the specialty "Accounting and Audit" A.Auganova (March 28, 2015).

Lee Victor is a 2nd year student of the specialty "Accounting and Audit" won the 1st place in the Russian section of the "Changellenge Kazakhstan Cup 2015" (03/04/2015).


Under the leadership of prof. Baytanaeva BA, art. Rev. Djakupova S.T. and head of the department Barysheva S.K. the startup project of the 2nd year students- specilaty "Finance" Suleimenov Timur and specialty, "Economy" Abitova Madi was presented at the project of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange INVEST SHOW "Open Day of the Financial Market.


Within the framework of the implementation of the strategic plan for the development of work with the regions of Almaty and Astana, the department "Finance and Accounting"  at the room 619 GUK hold a master class with representatives of Sberbank JSC for the students on the theme: "A New Direction in the Banking Sector - Transactional Business". The workshop was attended by faculty members and students of the 2nd and 3rd year of the specialty "Finance", "Accounting and Audit", "Economics" and "Management", as well as the students of the University "Turan". The speaker of the master class was the Director of Management of this direction. The speakers of the seminar were the Head of Personnel Selection Sector of the HR Department Tolmacheva N.S. And Zaytseva AV, employee of the HR department.


The department "Finance and Accounting" supports the students' striving for knowledge, the integration of science with production in order to improve the quality of training specialists for the real economy and business.


The faculty members annually conduct scientific and practical seminars, round tables dedicated to the "Day of the accountant" and the "Day of Financiers" and actively participate in the work of the conference "Satpayev Readings".

A great contribution was made by the staff in the conduct of the conference "Innovative development of the financial sector of Kazakhstan in accordance with the Strategy-2050: state, trends and prospects" dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the professor, doctor of economics, academician M.D. Tinasilov (December 18-19, 2014). Professor of the Department Tinasilov was awarded an honorary letter of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


In October 2015, Professor M. Tinasilov. actively participated in the work of the anniversary event dedicated to the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate in Taraz, as an honorary citizen of the Zhualin district of the Zhambyl.