Material base

The department has a 318,6 sq.m of production space in the main educational case (414 MEC(GUK) – of the head of department; 304 MEC - teaching; 305 MEC – professorial; 423 MEC – an office of managers of department) and the mining and metallurgical case of university (219 MMC – teaching; 201, 201A, 204, 202 MMC – the International center of project management).   


203 MMC - the computer class which located in mining and metallurgical complex, where there are 10 computers and an interactive board. On computers are established the software for carrying out a practical training and laboratory works on specialties of a bachelor degree - 5B090900 "Logistics", 5B050700 "Management"; 5B051100 "Marketing"; 5B051000 "The public and local administration", master degree 6M051800 "Project management"; 6M051700 "Innovative management"; 6M090900 "Logistics" and Phd 6D051800 "Project management".