Project Management International research-educational center

The “Project Management International research-educational center” (hereinafter - PMIREC) in K.I Satpayev KazNRTU (hereinafter - the University) is a structural unit of the University, functioning on self-financing. The Budget of PMIREC formed from the funds allocated from budget resources programs administrators based on grant and special-purpose financing, extra budgetary sources of the various funds, industrial enterprises at the national and international levels, as well as other assets, allocated in terms of sponsor support.

The purpose of the Centre's activities - organizing, coordinating and carrying out research on the use of project management as a tool for transformation of national universities in research-type universities to meet the requirements of the Bologna process.

“Project Management International research-educational center” was created for the purposes of:
1) Organization of professional training and retraining programs in Project Management and firms technology maturity audit.;
2) Independent expertise of international projects ,project management systems, training programs and research in project management;
3) Rendering of business services in  project management and business consulting.


All departments, institutes, laboratories and other divisions of the University, which have potential to improve implementation efficiency of projects and programs of scientific and innovative research relevant to PMIREC may participate In the work of PMIREC.