Ғылыми-зерттеу жұмысы

Research scientific work of the Department conducts according to developed and confirmed by the Passport of NIR (research) where formulated and consolidated aims, missions and basic scientific directions of fundamental investigation, applied research, and innovative research of the Department, as well as plans of operation of NIR (research) and NIRS (students’ research) which are confirmed on meetings of the Department in the beginning of each academic year.

At the Department scientific researches are being observed in two ways:

Development of models and methods of mining informatics.
Management of organizational development, systems, products and service through projects.

In 2008 were started works to an initiative research theme: “Design of scientific basis of creating multifunctional intellectualize geographic information systems”. Phases: “Design of technology basis, creation of specialized corporate information system (CIS) at mining area” (2008) and “Hybrid expert system (HES) at mining usage – methods of designing and operation algorithm” (2009). Mentioned subject matter is registered at KazGosNIINTI (Kazakh Governmental research institute of scientific and technical informations) No. of state registration is 0108RK00211. On the subject matter were fulfilled and registered reports for the first half year of 2008 and interim reports for 2008. Results of NIR (research) are introduced into industry (Zhitygara).

Previously the teachers of the Department had participated in fulfilling a report called “Level of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) development in the Republic of Kazakhstan” which describes informatization state in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as fulfillment of grants of Worldwide Federation of scientific workers “Valuation of environmental impact caused by economical activity of gold-mining enterprises” and “Design of complex package plans to reducing detrimental effects on environment by executing of geological valuation works on minefields Severny Zhanalyk, Akmolinsky oblast, the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Last year was fulfilled a report about “Crucial problems of informatization in the Republic of Kazakhstan and strategy of overcoming” (in a set of three books) for the Competence center of electron Government of Informatization and communication Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Manager of these all is head of a chair KTP&UP (CEP&PMD), Doctor of Engineering (D.E.), professor, academic of International Academy of Informatization.

All results of NIR (research) have been introduced into production and into educational process.

Number of inventions, patents, monographs and scientific publications for the last 3 years by the Department account more than 70 items.

A senior teacher named Sultanbekova Zh.Zh. defended a candidate's dissertation in December of 2009 by geoinformatics at Institute of mining. A teacher named Ayapbergenova A.T. has graduated magistracy by information system at KazNTU named after K.I. Satpaev.

Execution of laboratory works and yearly essays with elements of research scheme, works that are executed for a period of computational practical training, participating of students at a competition of yearly essays and at scientific and technical conference of the Institute concern/relate to Educational form of NIRS (students’ research) organization.

All matters of the conference were published.

Bachelors and undergraduates of the Department have participated at fulfilling its NIR (research). In addition, undergraduates named Syrazhev N., Goleva A., Elizaryev P., Baigaliyev G. have participated in students’ scientific conference which was held by St Petersburg’s branch office which is situated in Almaty city. Undergraduates named Syrazhev N., Goleva A., Yevnin R. have participated in a conference at KazADI (Kazakh Motor and Underway Institute). Matters of the conference were published.